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What is it that distinguishes prebogatiyat twenty-nine year old founder of Facebook , Mark Zukarbark 56 year old , full of diseases , hardworking , but very poor minyor Stoyan Ivanov ? These are liberated mind and thirst for knowledge. Many people may tell you that below bullshit you should not follow . Exactly spoken and Mark, but he was not obeyed . Stoyancho them listened and became minyor .... If you wish to not be like Stoyan ruined by work minyor it just read the material below and at least try . Victories ! As so many and conflicting are the opinions of working from home on the internet. There are many ways you earned income from home. only with a computer , internet and brains . There are several ways of which the third is so not a necessary requirement . One of them will present here . I will open a topic for sites pay per click advertising on the link. In the past, they became very popular both in the world and in Bulgaria . The first of these sites had behind him a firm or corporation , payments and they did really quite well. Naturally almost immediately appeared and fraudsters. Naroiha to sites that promised a very good profit, especially if you make a financial investment in them. The truth is that in these sites PECHLI AND IT sometimes . It all depends on whether you can be consistent and if your too lazy to read. Sites are English, which does not prevent AS can be successfully that use Google translator . Unfortunately most of these take money advertisers pay several times and then stopped payment. Eventually they became so many that started to revolutionize how people think of this type of work . The truth is that the money from these sites be taken away , but also computer access and free long it takes a little perseverance. Another necessary thing to do is come across really paying such site . Doing this , I faced a lot of problems . Finding a solution cost me a lot of time and nerves. I'll try to briefly describe the problems that have to fight and solutions for them to allow you to save time . Some Terminology : IP ( IPS ) Internet protocol- general set of rules (protocol) in which network computers communicate with each other. Characterize different network machine number. (Example IP can be ) This number is used by saytovechete with t called MAC Adress for the identification of a particular computer . PTC sites also use it. When you wrote that you can look out on a computer are given a IP- which can be a router on a home network by a certain number of machines . MAC Adress- number that identifies a network is a network device such as LAN card which is connected. Depending on the settings of the router SFU can plzva AEAF your MAC adress for authenticating network . Referral - Under PTC sites this is a man who has written on the site thanks to you and therefore brings revenue to work. In most of the sites offered employment referrals , the price is 20 cents per month. Profit from them in most cases 100% , as they are constantly active then it jumps several times. AVG - will meet this acronym entered all sites. Means the average number of clicks per day . Nayaetite for referrals if 1 -1 3 referrals it managed to repay their investment. If you remain below those values ​​more than a week is good to change . If referrals is 14 days nekatoiven sites rotate it automatically. If you decide to do, you may encounter terms that are unfamiliar . Below I will try to explain briefly znachenieto some of them : problem: Finding really paying sites. solution: Once you have dealt with 241 site I was able to create a list of working takiva.

 Exclusive website. The oldest of all , and in fact something of a pioneer in this type of work . Naina to work with him is very similar to that of Probux. After registration in the banner above you can see the ads again in the section Wiew Ads. After each ad view you get three chances lottery written as Add Prise. From this raffle actually wins most. If you raise your profile in Golden will receive the highest revenue of any sites listed here. Paid as soon as the payment is requested . Because one look is worth a thousand words , you show your account panel after you have already registered as a fail . _______________________________________________________ The Best Traffic Exchange 
 This site is oreantiram mainly to generate free traffic. In addition to this pay , and money that the site considered as an option, but in fact many people register because of it . There is an opportunity to advertise your site and pay otvyaryaniya number is only from accumulated credits on the site. I use it to advertise your referral links from other sites. More by signing up you will notice that the home page has a detailed description of the work with the site. _________________________________________________________________________________ An old , proven and highly functional website. At first glance, nothing different but actually quite effective approach to working with him. There are several types of ads including the automatic opening ie paskame your Avron and go to bed , but it works for us and opens ads :) Every day there are about 300 such ads.

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