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Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo recently received another recognition - for the third time he left with the "Golden Ball" ceremony of FIFA.Before reaching the age of 30 years made everything, broke a dozen records. His plans, however, are to remain in football for a long time. to add new trophies to conquer new unchartedterritories other player. However, there are lesser-known orlittle-known things about Ronaldo.
1. Many believe that Ronaldo Cristiano family, which actually is not at all because of the specificity of the Portuguese name system. Actually the second part of the name of today'ssuperstar is not borrowed from someone other than himself, Ronald Reagan, President of the United States, whose agewas born Cristiano. The reason - the father of the player is a big fan of his acting abilities of Reagan. Actually PortugueseRonaldo pronounced as Runald wide open "and" in the middle.

2. The family is very important to Cristiano, who grew up on the island of Madeira. He is the fourth child in the family before himto light have appeared two girls and his brother Hugo, who also was tried as a player. World star is extremely fond of his relatives still always a family member nearby. Received muchwarmth and affection in childhood.

3. The number 7 has a mysterious charisma career ofRonaldo. Actually it by accident. Upon arrival in the"Manchester United" Sir Alex summoned them and asks forthe desired number of him. The young man wanted 28, butwise Scot cut that will give him a 7. With this number were active in the 'Reds' four great figures - Best, Bryan Robson,Cantona and Beckham. Guess who became the fifth?

4. Ronaldo hates alcohol and this defect is completelyunknown. The reason is unpleasant - his father died of liver damage because of long-standing relationship with the cup.Unfortunate event occurs precisely at a time when the career ofRonaldo fly up. His father Dinis Aviero a gardener by profession and goes from the world only 52 years old. This is why Ronaldo react very strongly when paparazzi allegedlyincriminating in sealed.

5. Catholic to the core, which is normal for a country with strongclerical traditions such as Portugal. More interesting, however, is that it is religion is basically a curious fact that CristianoRonaldo has neither a tattoo on your body. If someone askswhat is the reason Ronaldo is not part of the general fashion, itis only religious considerations.

6. There are blue - Cristiano Ronaldo Junior and this in itself is a unique story. The child was born in the summer of 2010, but the name of the mother and did what she is complete enigma.Ronaldo Junior has already become a media star, recentlycame to Superman's costume and interrupted an interview withhis father on Portuguese TV. Otherwise, the closest to the truthis the version that the child was born to a surrogate mother.Certainly not a model.

7. Overall conquests among the opposite sex are standard, mostly models. During his stay on the island there are two such links with Gemma Atkinson and not so popular AlisonGoodwin. But then things go into another dimension, oncebegan a relationship with the Siberian goddess Irina Schaik.About its failure to attend a ceremony of "Golden Ball" But it became clear that Ronaldo is single again.

8. Cristiano Ronaldo is considered the greatest Portuguesefrom the time of Ferdinand Magellan now. Was honored withthe highest award of the Republic, and recently receivedrecognition for the greatest player of all time. Anticipate legendEusebio. All this is in the order of things, because Cristiano isthe most popular people on the planet. Three years ago, was placed fifth among the most famous people on earth.

9. Contrary to create the first impression familiar know thatbehind the slightly haughty faade lies a man with a big heart.Cristiano donated money and participated in numerouscharitable endeavors. But what he showed in an incidentduring a match. His shot hit the spectator in the head and nosebleeds. Ronaldo after the match went into the audience,hugged and kissed the victim and gave him a shirt.

10. Two izvanfutbolnite his records are particularly curious.Reached the incredible achievement of $ 75 million in annual revenue, which is too high elevation of any other player.Cristiano has 30 million followers on the social network. For comparison Lionel Messi no one, of course because there isno profile. Matter of priorities, cosmopolitan Ronaldo wants totake the vacant place of Beckham.

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